The Office of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer has management oversight and responsibility for all financial functions and oversees all revenues, costs, capital expenditures, investments and debt. The Vice President/CFO also serves as comptroller of the university system.

The Office of the CFO is responsible for system-wide budget execution and implementation, financing, and execution of all capital projects. In conjunction with the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the CFO develops the budget for the university.

CFO Update

With the turn of the calendar, the System Offices are gearing up for the Fiscal 2020 system office budget process. We look forward to again working through the implementation of the FY20 budget process and in February which is an important opportunity for us to learn about the services provided by the different system offices to stakeholders across the system, new initiatives being implemented to improve service, and to celebrate the achievements of the past year. The process also allows us to align budgets with strategic priorities and needs; helping to manage our resources prudently.