Leadership Team

Avijit Ghosh

Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Comptroller of the University of Illinois System

The Office of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer has management oversight and responsibility for all financial functions and oversees all revenues, costs, capital expenditures, investments and debt. The Vice President/CFO also serves as comptroller of the university system.

Mike Bass

Senior Associate Vice President & Deputy Comptroller

The Office of Business and Financial Services (OBFS) supports the business and financial operations of the University of Illinois System and assists units in daily operations. OBFS serves the system community at all three universities.

Kelly Block

Associate Vice President for Administrative IT Services

Administrative Information Technology Services delivers enterprise-wide IT solutions and services in support of the mission critical functions of the University of Illinois. We support student services and financial aid, human resources and payroll, facilities, advancement, research administration, and finance for over 100,000 students, staff and faculty.

Peter Newman

Associate Vice President

The Office of Treasury Operations serves the University of Illinois System and all its universities from our offices in Urbana, Illinois. Our team provides services that closely resemble that of a corporate treasury department. Our focus is managing and coordinating banking relationships, treasury services, debt issuance, card services, and insurance programs. Our primary areas of responsibility include: Cash Management, Capital Financing, Risk Management, i-card Programs, Agricultural Property Services, Merchant Card Services, Tax Compliance and Analysis, and Investments.

Brent Rasmus

Assistant Vice President, Controller

The Controller’s office is comprised of two units, University Accounting & Financial Reporting and University Payables, which serve the University of Illinois system and its universities. We support general ledger, property accounting, and financial reporting needs, as well as provide centralized adjudication and processing of payment requests.